Working with Vulnerable Clients

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Having worked on behalf of claimants and their legal teams for over a decade we are specialists in advising vulnerable individuals who have been through a life changing event. We understand the complexities in providing a suitable financial plan which ensures that the claimant’s settlement is safeguarded and designed to meet both immediate and future needs.

Our advisers construct their recommendations with the best interests of the claimant at the centre of everything they do. Our financial strategies provide the claimant, their family and representatives with the peace of mind required to allow them to move forward after a settlement has been awarded.

We understand that recipients of legal settlements may be vulnerable to exploitation or find dealing with a substantial financial settlement stressful and confusing. Where this is the case we ensure that they have a team of individuals involved who will assist them and ensure that the settlement is well managed and protected. This may include, a litigation friend appointed on the recipient’s behalf, appointed professional or lay trustees, deputies and friends and family members.

In addition to having a breadth of experience in supporting and advising all types of vulnerable clients the advisers at Dune Financial Planning are also specialists in advising individuals who may have suffered an acquired brain injury (ABI) and their representatives.
Suffering a brain injury is a life changing event and often round the clock and long term care may be required.  It has a significant impact on an individual’s daily life and their ability to make what were once deemed to be simple day to day decisions, let alone deal with complex matters regarding their finances.
Our advice process is tailored around ensuring that individuals who have suffered a serious brain injury feel comfortable about the recommended financial plan and have time to consider this without feeling any pressure to proceed.  This is reflected in the fact that we do not charge any upfront fees and will offer as many meetings as required.

Our Advice Process
  • Provides provision for immediate and future needs
  • Provides peace of mind that the settlement is protected and safeguarded
  • Ensures that the financial plan is regularly reviewed and remains relevant to the client’s circumstances, objectives and approach to investment risk
  • Provides a consistent and well managed approach to financial planning

Once the initial advice is undertaken our clients will receive regular contact with their adviser and the Dune Financial Planning team to ensure that they receive full support on an on-going basis.